Gospel Communities


Gospel Communities exist to make Gospel Grounded disciples to lead Gospel directed lives.  

Before we can live a directed life by the Gospel, we each must pursue a grounded life with Christ. The grounded life cannot be pursued in isolation and requires a community of disciples and leaders to guide God’s people in the way of Jesus. While corporate worship is formative and important, it is far too large and impersonal to adequately disciple those who are pursuing transformational discipleship. Therefore, Wellspring Littleton desires to have small communities of Gospel formation throughout the church. These communities will look different depending on those involved. There need not be a common age, gender, or family status in these groups, although such commonalities may exist.

Gospel Communities are identified by a few common themes

Shared time in devotion to God’s Word.

The Christian life is always lived in light of God’s holy Word. A Gospel Community ought to be a community of expectant hearers of the Bible.

Shared time of fellowship.

In order to foster deep relationships, a community of shared fellowship is encouraged. Trust is created over meals, laughter and stories. Don’t overlook the value of quality time together.

Commitment to pastoral care and discipleship.

Gospel Communities exist to care for the discipleship of its members. This includes times of confession and prayer, study, service, family discipleship and accountability, etc. Each group will pave their own culture of discipleship, but each culture must have clarity on how it will build up the disciples in its group.


Over time, the Gospel Communities ought to carefully discern and disciple the members of the community in their personal missional calling. This may be shared in the group, or lived individually, but the ultimate purpose of Gospel Communities is to equip Gospel Grounded disciples to lead Gospel Directed lives.  


For more information contact

Kyle Stanton

Current groups:


Feehs Group

When: Sunday Evenings

Leaders:    Bob and Kim Feehs

Feehs Photo.jpg

King Photo.jpg
Megan and Kyle.jpg

Young adults Group

When: Thursday Evenings

Leaders:    Stacey King and Kyle and Megan Stanton

Craig/Taylor GrouP

When: Sunday Afternoons

Leaders: Bryan and Candice Craig and Kevin and Heather Taylor


Craigs Photo.jpeg
Taylors Photo.jpg

Morrow Group

When: Thursday Evenings

Leaders:    Dave and Lynne Morrow

Morrows Photo.jpg

Soots Photo.jpeg

Soots Group

When: Sunday Evenings

Leaders:    Tim and Laura Soots


Watson Photo.jpg

green/watson group

When: Sunday Afternoons

Leaders: Jon Green and Coray Watson

Ryan Group

When: Sunday Afternoons

Leaders: Tim and Kerry Ryan