Our values

We believe that every human being needs to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. There is no self help book, no family unit, no social organization that can meet the infinitely deep needs of the human heart. Only through the work of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Spirit, can the human heart be healed. This is why Wellspring Littleton seeks to ground every decision, every practice, every activity, in the work Jesus Christ has done on our behalf.

 We believe that a life grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ leads to a life directed by the Gospel, i.e. a life of personal renewal and devotion to Christ, leads to a life of mission in the world. Our church does not want to be a “holy huddle” who only ask how the Gospel shapes our needs. Rather, we are a people who are compelled to share the Good News because it is worth sharing!

 We believe that the Gospel is an unmerited gift from God, given to sinners, to bring them into eternal life in the community of the Trinity. God the Father initiates salvation by sending the Son to save sinners, the Son establishes salvation by living, dying, rising, and ascending on our behalf, and the Spirit completes salvation by uniting us to the redeeming works of the Son. From beginning to end, the Gospel is the work of our saving God.

 Because we believe God is the one who brings us into right relationship with himself, this has formed three key values in our church:


Humility: Our church longs to form humble disciples, who recognize the depth of their sin and the overwhelming grace of God. No person walks into our doors any better off than another. We all stand under God’s judgement, and walk in freedom only through Christ’s work for us.


Holiness: Our church longs to steward the gift of adoption well. We have been brought into the Triune life of God through the work of the Spirit. This means that we are called to be a set apart people, a holy people. However, this does not mean that we are called to be a stuffy people. Rather, holiness (the pursuit of being like Christ), and humility (the recognition that we will never be fully like Christ until he returns) balance the disciple. In the words of Martine Luther, simul justus et peccator, we are at the same time righteous and sinners.


Humor: Our church laughs together! The Christian life is not a stuffy life of fear. Rather, for freedom Christ has set us free! In our Christian freedom we desire to commune in a posture of celebration. This does not mean that we do not weep with those who weep. Rather, we fully engage the suffering of the world, and wait with joyful expectation for the return of Christ where he will make all things new!